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The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) mobilises capital investment in renewable energy, low-emission technology and energy efficiency in Australia

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) invests using a commercial approach to overcome market barriers and mobilise investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.

As at 30 June 2014, the CEFC has contracted investments of over $900 million in projects with a total value of over $3 billion. The CEFC invests for a positive return, with its more than 40 direct investments and 25 projects co-financed under aggregation programs expected to achieve an average financial yield of about 7 per cent.

These CEFC investments are expected to achieve abatement of 4.2 million tonnes of CO2e per annum with a positive net benefit to the taxpayer in the order of $2.40 per tonne CO2e. They help to improve energy productivity for businesses across Australia, develop local industries and generate new employment opportunities.

The CEFC operates under the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012.

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  • Jillian Broadbent AO

    CEFC Chair Jillian Broadbent AO, addressing the National Energy Efficiency Conference on 11 November, 2014, says that investment in energy efficiency will boost Australia’s productivity. Read more

  • The Clean Energy Finance Corporation's Chief Investment Officer Ted Dow highlighted the framework for success in investment in biofuels projects at the Biofuels Association of Australia's annual conference in Sydney on October 31. Read more

  • Solar array

    The CEFC has released its 2013-14 Annual Report, which covers its first full year of operation and details contracted investments of over $930 million in projects which have a total value of over $3.2 billion. Read the report

  • The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has announced an agreement with the Direct Infrastructure division of Colonial First State Global Asset Management to establish Australia's first unlisted clean energy direct infrastructure investment platform for institutional investors.  Read the media release