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CEFC and Low Carbon Australia

The energy efficiency investment portfolio and activities of Low Carbon Australia Limited (LCAL) have been transferred to the CEFC.

LCAL was established in 2010 as an Australian Government owned company to manage an energy efficiency investment fund.

LCAL's pioneering work in developing innovative direct and indirect models and solutions for financing energy efficiency has proved a valuable resource for the CEFC. CEFC is continuing these programs and is scaling up successful models to bring them fully to sustainable market size.

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  • Manufacturing equipment

    The Energy Efficient Loan, a joint initiative of Commonwealth Bank and the CEFC, has accelerated $20 million in energy productivity boosting projects for Australian businesses and more are planned. Read more

  • Fresh fruit

    Leading apple and pear supplier, Radevski Coolstores is boosting its energy productivity and cutting its overall energy costs by a quarter, by installing a state-of-the-art fruit grader and solar PV using Energy Effficient Loan finance. Read more

  • Factory with solar panels

    Major supermarket fresh produce supplier Nu Fruit Pty Ltd is installing 100 Kw of solar PV at its Wangaratta refrigerated warehouses and cool-rooms using Energy Efficient Loan finance. Read more

  • Carport solar

    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is to provide up to $20 million to global energy solutions provider ET Solar for a Power Purchase Agreement program for large commercial operations including shopping centres. Read the media release