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Egg producer turns waste into energy

Chicken manure and organic waste provide power and heat

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs will use the chicken manure and other organic waste from its egg production business to generate power and save more than $250,000 a year.

Quantum Power and RCM International are designing and installing an anaerobic digestor and generators for Darling Downs Fresh Eggs. The power plant will help Darling Downs Fresh Eggs to reduce its grid electricity usage by 60 per cent in the first year and provide 100 per cent of the company's energy in non-peak periods.

Heat from the biogas generator will be captured and used to warm chicken rearing sheds and heat the water for the grading floor.

The facility will also reduce Darling Downs Fresh Eggs' carbon emissions by up to 1,000 tonnes a year and its methane emissions by over 6,000 tonnes of CO2e a year.

CEFC is providing finance of $950,000 (originally through Low Carbon Australia, now integrated into the CEFC) for the $2.86 million project. National Australia Bank is financing nearly half the project cost, with the rest coming from an Australian Government grant of $333,823 through the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program and from a capital investment by Darling Downs Fresh Eggs. Read more about the project

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