Where we invest

We work with project sponsors and co-financiers to drive investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.

We invest in businesses and projects which develop or commercialise clean energy technologies. We also invest in businesses that supply the goods or services needed to develop or commercialise clean energy technologies.

We focus on projects and technologies at the later stages of development, which have a positive expected rate of return and the capacity to service and repay capital. We also consider earlier stage projects which have significant support and an appropriate risk profile.

We invest directly, through partnerships, trusts and joint ventures. We also invest indirectly, through subsidiaries. Our investments may be in the form of debt products or equity investments or a combination of both.  

Through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, we also invest in projects and businesses that use technologies that have passed beyond the research and development stages but which are not yet established or of sufficient maturity, size or otherwise commercially ready to attract sufficient private sector capital.